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The Emerald Planet Chimney Damper is a reusable felt based draught excluder, designed to stop cold draughts and heat loss, reduce outside noise disturbances and stops debris from falling down the chimney flue.

In cold climates, the damper is designed to block cold air from entering a chimney and prevents warm air from leaving the home. In warm climates, it prevents hot air from entering and retains
cooler air-conditioned air.

Available in a range of sizes and shapes, the Chimney Damper is designed to fit a range of chimney flue styles, and can be removed and refitted by simply pulling and reinserted via the damper pole.

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Can't thank Planet Green Australia enough for their heat pump installation. This system is so reliable, and their customer service has been absolutely fantastic. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to go green and save some money. Kudos to Planet Green Australia for an amazing product!

Jon Bruvel

Very professional people and very quick. I am amazed. Extremely friendly and get the job done within 15 minutes. Good work !!!!

Faraz Rana

Amazing assistance throughout the entire process, from the initial quotation to the timely installation of LEDs to replace our old high bay lighting. Greatly appreciate the helpfulness and efficiency of Team Planet Green.

Paul Rhodes