Shower Head Wall Mounted

A maximum 2 showers can be installed in a premise, including any shower heads provided by similar services in the past. The qualified installer does a Bucket test to check the eligibility. The replaced shower heads must be more than 9L/min and the installer takes away the old shower for decommissioning.

Switch to Water-Efficient Showerheads

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Old Shower Heads


Old Shower Heads

High Water Consumption:

Traditional shower heads typically have high water flow rates, resulting in excessive water usage during showers. This leads to unnecessary water wastage and increased water bills.

Increased Energy Consumption:

As old shower heads dispense large amounts of water, more hot water is required to maintain a comfortable showering temperature. This leads to higher energy consumption and increased energy bills.

Limited or No Flow Control:

Traditional shower heads often lack flow control mechanisms, offering only one fixed water flow rate. This leaves users with little control over the intensity of their showers, leading to potential discomfort or wasted water.

Minimal or No Water-saving Features:

Old shower heads are not designed with water-saving features or technology. They continue to use excessive amounts of water without considering conservation or environmental impact.

Water-saving :

Energy-efficient shower heads are specifically engineered to minimize water consumption and utilize advanced technology such as aerators or flow restrictors to reduce water flow rates.

Reduced Energy Consumption:

By reducing water usage, energy-efficient shower heads also lower the demand for hot water. This translates to reduced energy consumption and lower energy bills, benefiting both the environment and your wallet.

Adjustable Flow Settings:

Energy-efficient shower heads often come with adjustable flow settings. This allows users to customize the intensity of their showers, ensuring a comfortable experience while conserving water

Water-efficient Features:

Energy-efficient shower heads are equipped with waterefficient features like aerated spray patterns or pulsating jets. These features create the perception of a strong and invigorating shower while actually using less water.

Why Upgrade?

Take the first step towards energy conservation by saving water with an efficient Shower Head. It’s a simple yet powerful way to make a significant impact on your monthly water and energy expenses. With its water-saving feature, this Shower Head proves that even small changes can yield substantial results. I indulge in perfect relaxation while contributing to a sustainable future.

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Can't thank Planet Green Australia enough for their heat pump installation. This system is so reliable, and their customer service has been absolutely fantastic. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to go green and save some money. Kudos to Planet Green Australia for an amazing product!

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Very professional people and very quick. I am amazed. Extremely friendly and get the job done within 15 minutes. Good work !!!!

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Amazing assistance throughout the entire process, from the initial quotation to the timely installation of LEDs to replace our old high bay lighting. Greatly appreciate the helpfulness and efficiency of Team Planet Green.

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